Select Classic Benchtops
Your choice of benchtop will have a lasting impact on the style of your kitchen. There is a range of materials for kitchen benchtops that remain “classics”. Timber and stone are both great examples of kitchen benchtops that won’t quickly age.

Classic White
White kitchens first became popular in the 1920s, partly because it was the easiest and most affordable option. A white kitchen is synonymous with cleanliness. White is also ideal because it acts as a blank canvas, allowing you to personalise your kitchen with more elaborate design features.

Island Bench
Many kitchen renovations now include an island bench because homeowners appreciate their practical and aesthetic value. An island bench can be incorporated into many different floorplans, and it creates added workspace and storage. An island bench is also a relaxed setting where guests and family can congregate, creating a more communal and inclusive kitchen setting.

Choose cabinets of minimalist design
The minimalist design of cabinets makes them highly complementary, enabling them to be used with most popular styles of kitchen design. Using neutral tones and simple cabinet hardware creates long-lasting style.

Large Sink
If you’re short on bench space then you may be looking for a small sink. However, a larger sink will always win over a small one. Interior design styles may change, but dishes will always need to be washed, and this chore will always be easier in a larger sink.

Subway Tiles
Frankston Kitchens will often recommend subway tiles for an enduring splashback look. They create a feeling of space, sophistication and beauty that will stand the test of time.

Quality Hardware
In this aspect, quality is almost more important than style. Crooked kitchen cabinets and missing handles will quickly age even a relatively new kitchen. Use high-quality hardware that will keep your kitchen cabinets in top form for years to come.

Get Expert Advice
For more expert advice on how to achieve a timeless kitchen renovation, Frankston Kitchens experienced team can help you create a kitchen design that will suit your style, be highly functional and that will retain its appeal for many years to come.