Of all of the rooms in your home, the layout of your kitchen matters most. I is a functional space, a well designed kitchen maximises movement, minimizes efficiency and improves your ability to use the kitchen as a multifunctional space. Here are several key considerations that you should factor into your kitchen design:

1. Good working space
The three most important elements of your kitchen design are the cooktop/oven, the refrigerator, and the sink. A good kitchen layout will allow you to move easily between the three while cooking. It should also provide enough space so that if you are cooking alongside someone else, you won’t constantly be knocking into each other.

2. Multifunctional
In recent years, kitchens have moved away from being solely utilitarian and in favor of being more versatile, suitable for entertaining and relaxing as well as cooking. Keep this in mind and look to create a kitchen design that is open, inviting and can facilitate entertaining and cooking simultaneously. Including an island bench with seating provides an inviting area where guests and family members can relax and socialize while the host can cook and entertain without being excluded.

3. Cupboard storage
Your cupboard layout should be organised according to how you use the space. Situate items that you commonly use together near to each other. Locate frequently used items where they are easily reachable. Ask Frankston Kitchens about their innovative range of accessories for cupboard storage solutions that will make your life so much easier around the kitchen.

Last of all get Inspiration, ideas and expert advice from people who know kitchens, Frankston Kitchens have been building quality Kitchens for more than 36 years, that’s a lot of experience and know-how.